Short visit in Talinn

Date: 2018-08-09

After two day with orienteering competitions, I had one day free. So I decided to go for a short visit to Talinn. So I took the bus at 6 in the morning and drove up 4 hours to Talinn.
Slept most of the time in the bus.
Talinn is a very interesting city. It has one very modern parts, but as well real old city centre with defence walls on a hill about the upper part of the old city and down the hill the lower part. All parts of the old city you have narrow streets with neat small shops and cafes. In the old town there is in the upper part the president’s palace. At the lower part you have the main square with an old Gothic city call in the middle. Really awesome!
A bit outside the old town there is the harbour and the modernized storehouses where now are stylish cafes and bars.
Wonderful city, but I had to go back to Riga in the evening — again a 4-hour bus ride.


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