Lhasa and Yamdrok Lake

Date: 2018-10-21 to 2018-10-25

I arrived in Lhasa on  the 21st in the evening. And the first impression when driving in taxi to the hotel was the Potala Palace properly light up in the night. It looked so amazing.

I shared a room with Roy, an Indian from Calcutta.

Next day I went with the group on a tour to see Drepung and Sera Monastery. We saw there a lot of statues of Buddhas and of an Indian who was invited to cleanse places from evil ghosts. And yeah the first Tibetan who got enlightened. I liked his statue best, because he was looking like a funny man. Very interesting was the monks preparing for their exams in the Sera monastery.

Next day we went to the old city centre and saw a lot of prayers walking round the Jokhang temple. Jokhang is one of the holiest places in Tibet. The prayers usually end their journey here.

In the afternoon we went up the amazing Potala Palace. The Potala has an older part, painted in red and a newer part from 17th centuary painted in white. Special fact is that the white colour is made of yoghurt and honey. The painting is done by Tibetian communities from different parts. And let me put is this way I won’t let them paint my flat, because they are more spraying the colour than painting on the wall and so the colour is almost everywhere — not only on the wall. In the palace every Lama built his own room for sleeping, and welcoming visitors.

We saw there the graves of the Lamas too.

In the evening I went out with Roy, my Indian room mate to have dinner and take some pictures around Jokhang Temple at night.

On the 24th after so many temples and monasteries, we went to Yamdrok lake which is up in the mountains at 4400 metres. There I saw Yaks. The locals there wanted to take a picture me riding on the Yak, but this is not my style of travelling to take these kinds of photos.

On my last day in Lhasa I have to wait till my train back to central China departed in the evening. So Nick a Swedish friend from the group and I went to Summer Palace in Lhasa.

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