Hiking Mount Hua Shan

Date: 2018-10-16

At the hostel in Xi’an I got the tip tjat hiking Mount Hua Shan is really beautiful. First I made some plans how I can get there and buy the tickets with my very limited Chinese language skills 😉

But I found a Chinese woman, who was staying at the same hostel and wanted to go to the mountain too. So it would be s lot easier for me, because she can manage the buying of the tickets and the Chinese conversations.

Thank you Maggie without you it won’t have been that easy to get there and back to Xi’an.

So we took an early morning bullet train to Hua Shan North, from there is a free bus going to the tourist centre of Hua Shan Mountain. There Maggie bought two entrance and bus tickets for us and we went by bus to the Hua Shan North base station. From there we took the cable car up, because we wanted to do all the five peaks up there.

On the mountain station we went up to the north peak, then we had a longer tour through a lot of steps to the Central peak. The mountain scenery was really impressive. And the special touch was that there are Buddhist temples just near the peaks.

From the central peak we again had to walk a lot of steps up and down and up again, had to climb up a sky latter and finally reached the east peak. Then we ha to go down again and then went again a lot of stairs up to the south peak, which was the highest point with 2150 metres.

From there we hiked to the west peak – and so we finally have managed to go to all peaks. The whole tour took us about 5 hours with breaks.

From the west peak we took another cable car down, which was really impressive because it crossed a valley and went up a mountain on the other side and them finally drove down tho the base station. From here we took the bus back to the tourists centre.

An finally took a bullet train back to Xi’an from Hua Shan North.

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