Pingyao – Living in a Museum

Date: 2018-10-12 to 2018-10-14

Pingyao is not so popular in Europe, but it is one of few cities in China which has an old city centre dating back to Ming Dynasty. The centre is circumvented by an ancient city wall too.

When I came first into the centre it was like going back several centuries. Really old small roads, little houses with typical Chinese style roofs. It was like in a film about old China. The houses have usually small backyards.

Actually Pingyao was in ancient times the financial centre of China. So there are museums in the city about ancient banking system an money transport.

Besides that I visited the city wall – you can partly walk on top of it, the ancient government building.

For all these and more sightseeing spots you can buy a ticket in the town.

Just when I have been there the International Pingyao Filmfestival started, but for the first days tickets still were sold out.

In my point of view Pingyao is very touristic and some kind of an Old-Chinese fantasy wonderland.

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