Date: 2019-06-26 to 2019-06-28

The train ride from Berlin to Bruxelles was really hard, so I won’t recommend it to anybody going the same way.

First I took the ICE from Berlin to Cologne overnight. Actually it is not a night train, so you have just normal seat and every station the announcement of the stop is waking you up. So when I reached Cologne I was very tired, but I had some time to spare till the connection to Bruxelles, therefore I went for a coffee and some cake.

Getting on the train to Bruxelles I still was tired, but cake, coffee and view was good.

When I arrived in Bruxelles I stored my heavy backpack at the station and used the rest of the day exploring the city, eating chocolate cake, and enjoying some great days there. And finally learned how Van Gogh really lost his ear …

Journey continued

After the end of the journey in Ho Chi Minh City, I finally got back to work. The impressons of the last 6 months helped me to see some things in daily life differently.

But actually I missed travelling a lot, this kind of self defined lifestyle is really great.

So in the end of June it was time to travel again …