Leaving Russia

It showed up that leaving Russia was not so easy. The bus I wanted to take was not going on Sundays. So on the 30th I went with a night train to the tow Ussurirsk, because I found out that there are daily busses to China. Well when I was there it was far too early, so I had to wait until the bus station opened.

Finally, at 7 am the counter opened, but the woman said just in rude Russian that she does not have any tickets. Well I was really frustrated, but a Chinese man and woman, who were as well there told me I just have to wait. I was just thinking of going by taxi to the border and see how I can come across to China, because it was the last day of my visa period.

Suddenly at 11 am there suddenly were tickets available. I was so happy to get one.

First we drove to the border town Pogranichny, made a short stop and then got to the Russian border station. There we had to leave the bus and walked through the exit procedure.

Well the Russians had some problems with my last name, but finally I got through. Then we went on with bus to the Chinese border station, which was actually looking more like an entrance to a big hotel. Again my passport was very interesting, but they were nice and friendly. When I finally got through I found out that the bus was not waiting for me any more. But a woman from Taiwan, who I met on the bus before, did and helped me to catch a taxi together with her to the train station of the Chinese border town Suifenhe. I had pre-booked the tickets through a Chinese travel agency and only had to request at the counter that they may print my ticket. It worked well. She bought as well a ticket for the same train and after 7 hours on the train we arrived in Harbin and one hour later we finally reached the hostel. I was so tired, but happy to be there.

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