Wuzhen … or Internet what???

Date: 2018-11-09

On Friday the 9th of November I went to Wuzhen, because it is a famous water town. So I took the train to Tongxiang. At the station there the first thing which was really awkward was that they checked my bag again at the exit. This was the first time since I was in China. And then I went to the bus stop for the local bus. The stop had a special entrance … next surprise they checked my bag again there. The next check was then short before I went on the bus. I wondered why are they all so paranoid here.

I went with the bus to Wuzhen and then walked through the town to the entrance of the scenic area of the watertown. Something strange was going here on, because when I went in I was stopped by three security guys and they wanted to see my security batch. Well I have no batch, that is why I wanted to buy an entrance ticket. But they told me then that here today is the World Internet Conference and I won’t come in without a security batch.

Well bad luck, so I turned around and took some pictures outside the scenic area in the town.

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